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Posted by Marcia Bergen on Monday, December 9th, 2019 at 10:08am

' Tis the season to be jolly...


Anyone who knows me well knows this I am obsessed with everything Christmas! It's more than eggnog and twinkling me Christmas embraces everything family, good food and lots of cheer! Who else has Christmas music playing by early November?



In my home we embrace tree decorating. This year we have seven..(yes SEVEN) trees in our home, we couldn't fit the eighth unfortunately. They are all similar in theme and hold ornaments collected over the years. There is something very nostalgic about unwrapping each one and remembering where or why you got it. What was the theme of the tree that year?



This year my main tree is a cardinal theme. A large red cardinal at the top and the base is enveloped in a pretty skirt with felt cardinals and berries embroidered on it. I used six holly and berry garlands as ribbon that I strung around the tree. The effect is really nice! It gives the tree a lot of texture. A combination of mercury glass, white and silver snowflakes are mixed throughout. 



 In my dining room I have two tall pencil tree on either side of my buffet.  These trees are filled with wooden ornaments and stained shipping labels that I stamped with a beautiful script of "Believe". 



Quick D.I.Y. Stamp Tags


- Instant  coffee granules

- Boiling water

- Spray bottle 

- Shipping Tags 

- Rubber stamp & ink pad

Mix dark coffee vy adding boiling water to coffee granules. The stronger the coffee - the darker the stain. You can either put the mix into a spray bottle or a deep bowl if you prefer to dip the tags. I prefer the spray bottle as it allows you to reapply more coffee without ruining the shape of the tag. Bake in oven at 300 degrees. Once the tags are dry you can apply whatever stamp you prefer. I love "Believe" because it encompasses everything from Santa to the true meaning of Christmas. I use these tags as ornaments but they would be super handy as gift tags as well!



Mistletoe is hung at the front door and the stair well is wrapped with a delicate garland that is secured with wide plaid ribbon. In years past I have incorporated ornaments, snowflakes or hang tags but this year I decided to keep it simple to not detract from the trees. All seven of them.. 



Two of my favourite pastimes are cooking and baking and this is especially true at Christmas time. I host Christmas dinner with my family which encompasses my parents, children and their children. Making my menu at the beginning of December and tackling baking buns, making cabbage rolls and perogies in preparation for our family feast. I spend days in the kitchen rolling cooking dough to make sure each of the grand children gets their favourite. One recipe that is a classic here... these lemon flavoured take on an imperial cookie not only taste amazing but dress up any cookie or dainties tray.




Because of my love for decorating my kids are always playing pranks on me. They take much pleasure in moving my NOEL stocking holders to LEON. It drives me up the wall! ! Or the "so ugly he's cute elf" that finds his way all over the house! 



Outside of all the decorating and cooking the best part of the Christmas season (besides Hallmark movies) is the time we spend with friends and family. No matter what your Christmas traditions are the unique dynamic of your family I wish you a wonderful season filled with lots of joy and love!

From my home to yours...Merry Christmas!


Lots of love,



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