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When you think about selling your property, do you dwell on the possible work and stress involved.  If the answer is yes - you are not alone!  Most home owners share the exact same concern!


Here is why it doesn't have to be that way.

Firstly, my team is here to assist you every step of the way with a step by step guide and schedule which will make the process seamless and less overwhelming.  

Here are a few ideas to make the process a little more enjoyable!

1.  Plan fun things to do when your home is being shown. That can include walks, sports activities (outdoor skating and toboganning) or trying something you and your family have never done.

2.  Declutter for your own benefit.  Instead of thinking about decluttering as a chore…

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If you're going to be out-of-town but need to sell your home, you might be concerned about listing your property while you're away. After all, you won't be around to show your property, schedule viewing, consider offers or manage any of the details of the sale.

While it's ideal that you be close to home when you're selling, there's no reason why you can't list your property, even if you're going to be out-of-town.  In today's current pandemic this may mean you are simply at your cottage or that you have already been transferred or relocated for work purposes.

When it comes to communications and document sharing, technology is a wonderful thing and our Manitoba governing body has allowed Realtors the luxury of expanding our virtual abilities.  While…

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If you're thinking about selling in the spring, don't wait until the new year to start planning.  In fact, you'll save yourself alot of work and get ahead of the game if you start planning now.

Whats the old saying?  The early bird gets the worm!  In this case, by starting the process this month, you'll be in excellent shape when you're ready to list in the new year.  

Here are few examples of what you do in December to get the process started.

  • Walk your property and note any maintenance issues that need attention.  Weather permitting of course!
  • Decide which items or to sell to declutter your home.
  • Determine what improvements you'll made to make in order for your home to look great to buyers.  I am here to be a part of that process with…
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If you need to sell your home in the next month or two, you might be worried. After all, aren't spring and summer the ideal seasons to list your property? If you list in November or December,  you might have difficulties attracting buyers and getting the best price for your home. Right?

Not necessarily.

While its true spring and summer are traditionally busy periods in the real estate market, properties do sell every month of the year.

So if you're thinking of selling, you'll need to know two things.

      - What comparable homes are selling for at this time of year.

      - How long are homes taking to sell, on average.

There might be a local seller's market this month. That would mean there are more buyers looking for homes like…

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In the business world, a phrase that's often used is ROI or Return On Investment. It refers to the regular gain (or loss) you're getting from a particular asset relative to its cost. 

When it comes to your home, the gain may be more than financial. It may include the benefit of the lifestyle it gives you. For example, a spacious backyard deck pays off in countless pleasant Saturdays with friends and family. A home's location near convenient commuting routes means less stress getting to and from work. 

Lifestyle factors are important, not only when considering where you are living now, but also when considering where you think you'd like to live in the future. 

That's why its a good idea to do a Lifestyle Assessment regularly. The exercise is…

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There are many reasons why you must suddenly need to sell your home.  It could be an unexpected work relocation, a change in family circumstances, or simply a desire to move.

Whatever the reason, selling quickly requires some fast action on your part. But that doesn't mean you need to get into panic mode.  You can list and sell your property, quickly while still enjoying the process!

The first thing you need to do is figure out how to make your home show it's best for the least investment and in a short time-line.  In addition to cleaning and decluttering, that might include getting any needed repairs done, sprucing up the place by painting or perhaps even doing some minor repairs.  I have great referrals to tradespeople, cleaners or organizers if…

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How do you find the home of your dreams within a price range you can afford?

Most buyers start by making a "wish list". But, it's easy to get frustrated when you have a long wish list and expect you'll be able to find a home with every one of those features. You might, for example, have a "mature backyard tree" as number 23 on your list, and become disappointed when an otherwise ideal property doesn't have one. 

But when you really think about it,  your ideal home probably comes down to just three or four core characteristics.  For example:

1. Nice, safe, family-orientated neighbourhood.

2. Good-sized backyard

3. Four bedrooms and two baths

Sure, there might be other features you were hoping for such as "move in ready" , or that…

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Chances are, you know that your should change the batteries in your smoke detectors at least once a year - even if you suspect the batteries are still good.

But that isn't the only fire safety check you should do annually.  Here are some other recommended tips to help keep you and your family safe.

  • Clean your stove burners and oven regularly.  Hard grease build-up can become combustible.
  • Check your cupboard for cleaning products, paints and other liquids that are flammable.  Read each label carefully.  Use and store each product only as recommended.  
  • If you keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen (and you should) confirm that it is still good. Extinguishers are like food. They have an expiry date!
  • Go over your fire escape plan with…
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If you want to reduce your home energy costs, the easiest way is to turn the thermostat up or down.  In fact, you probably won't notice a difference of 2 degrees either way - and the savings can be substantial.

However, if you want to lower your bill even further each month, here are some additional tips that are relatively easy to implement.

  • Plug or fix the drafts. Even in newer homes, air filtration can occur at windows and doors. So, check around your homes for drafts.  Windy or cold days are the best days to check.  Then, get any drafts you find repaired or at least temporarily plugged.
  • Check the attic.  Heat rises and can escape through the attic. So, once a year, check the attic insulation for thin or bare spots. The insulation should be…
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Why is making a big change in life often so difficult?

According to psychologists, maintaining the "status quo' is one fo the most powerful motivations we have.  If things are "okay" even making a change for the better can be difficult.  Our brains resist.

You may have experienced this if you've thought about selling your current property and finding your next dream home.  your house may be "good enough" for you now and the neighbourhood might be "okay" too.  So, even if your dream is to get into a better home that's more suited to your family and lifestyle, you may be hesitant.

According to experts that's just the way the psychology works.

One way to get around this psychology is to get your dream out of head and onto paper. Write down the…

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